Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Farnham

Taxi 2 U is a family run business that has grew out with the aim of providing reliable transportation service for disabled people along with high level of attention and customer care.

We have found that many families face the problem of finding a reliable wheelchair accessible taxi Farnham for their elder or disabled family members.  Therefore, the inspiration of Taxi 2 U was created with the ethos of treating our customers with patience, attention and dignity.

Taxi 2 U chauffeurs not only provide taxi services. We really want you to get the support and care you need to get to your destination. We are aware that trust is imperative to you, and hence offer you the opportunity to request the same driver for futures rides.

To further enhance our services, we look forward to receiving feedback from our customers and we guaranty that a high level of patience and dignity is maintained.

At Taxi 2 U, we offer a wide range of taxis along with wheelchair accessible service. Our chauffeurs are well trained professionals who are trained in their field and prepared to do the job properly. They are all trained in customer service, first aid, child and adult protection. We are concerned about the confidence that our customers have shown to us and we go beyond our limits to provide our customers with the best possible and most reliable services that they can expect from professional transport company. This ensures that Taxi 2 U employees are always well prepared for their work and meet their expectations. For wheelchairs users, our large and spacious interior allows the chair to be placed in a safety position where the seat belts hold the chair. For passengers with reduced mobility, seats extend away from the vehicle to allow seamless movement into the vehicle.

The team of drivers is selected carefully and we pay great attention to professional services, great customer care and years of experience, while choosing an appropriate driver to meet the transportation needs of disabled people. The drivers are CRB checked and undergo additional training to make sure they provide the best customer care requirements of elderly or disabled people. If you need help or advice, you are welcome to contact us any time.

We understand the finding an affordable wheelchair accessible taxi is often one of the biggest challenges when traveling by wheelchair. In many cities wheelchair taxis are unreliable, have long waiting times or need to be informed in advance or may not exist at all. But when you choose Taxi 2 U, you will be 100% assured to get the legendary taxis that are accessible to wheelchairs along with ramp that folds out from the ground.

Taxi 2 U is a reliable company that offers much more than just transportation. We collect you at your location, drive you to and from your destination and, if necessary, help you personally. We are a family when the family cannot be there. We make every trip a pleasure, and all our chauffeurs are recognized for their safety, authorization and first aid training.

We eliminate the inconvenience of your journey by offering you door-to-door service so that you can handle it with care, patience and pride. Our drivers are comprehensively trained, authorized and tested by DBS. Contact us if you are looking for reliable and cost effective solution to wheelchair accessible taxi service in Farnham.